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In case you have any special skill you wish to share with our children you are most welcome. We are looking for people to work alongside our community volunteers in implementing the Community Facility Linkages and Referral Framework interventions in Mukono District – Uganda. We are implementation this program in partnership with Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation – Uganda.

We are looking for volunteers in the following fields;

  • 90, 90, 90strategy of dealing of HIV.
  • Nutrition
  • HIV counselling & testing.
  • Environmental conservation.
  •  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
  • Village Savings Schemes.
  • And any other activities that are geared towards improving livelihoods.
  • Children Sponsorships.
  • Music and Drama.
  • Agriculture

Volunteering in the above or other relevant fields will bless a soul and help them achieve their full potential.

Playing different music instruments that our children had never seen was exciting. There is need to resurrect different talents within these kids. You truly can donate different musical instruments for the children to use. No one knows then hidden talents within them, so let us help them discover their potential by availing the instruments and caring for their welfare.

The Bryson family actively participated in engaging the kids in games and they truly felt loved.

They need to be listened to. Let us positively impact on the orphaned children and renew the lost love and confidence in them.

The children were excited to receive different items and could not hide their happiness. Many of them pocketed their cars and moved back home with a changed mind set about themselves. They felt valued and loved and hence boosts their esteem in the community.

Just playing with these children makes a difference in their lives. The children also received playing items like skipping ropes and they were very happy.

This young boy was happy after receiving his package. Many of such children have lost their parents and cannot afford to have a meal. They need someone to help them know that God still loves them by extending a helping hand in terms of clothing, shelter, school fees and spiritual being.

Some of them are in child headed households because both parents died or one of the parents abandoned them.