Our Partners

We were able to successfully implement the community facility linkage program in the district of Mukono. Goshen’s organizational staff and board members received training on governance, finance and general management skills empowerment.

As a result of the partnership, the organization was able to hold 2 successful community cookery demonstration sponsored by Baylor.

Under the OVC program, we were able to donate beddings and scholastic materials to 30 critically vulnerable OVCs.

With support from Baylor, we have promoted sports nutrition through OVC engagement in sports. This led to formation of the Goshen’s football team composed of OVCs with Mukono Municipality. Other games are netball and volleyball. We were able to procure sports equipment like balls, nets, uniforms & metallic goal posts for netball.

We were able to promote fruit tree planting to address environmental & nutrition concerns.

We were able to visit school and communities for HIV counseling and sensitization to the adolescents in and out of school. This has led to reduction in new HIV infection cases and improved on adherence.

  • Mukono District Local Government

We have been able to interact with the VHTs and offered community nutrition training of trainers training for them to train households in their villages. For example Ntunda sub county VHTs. We were able to successfully introduce Grain Amaranth (doddo) plant to the communities.

We were able to hold two major cookery demonstrations in Goma and Mukono district headquarters grounds where communities were sensitized on preparation of nutritious meals, hygiene and food processing.

  • Mukono Municipality

We have been able to access all health facilities within the municipality to offer nutrition education during immunization & antenatal days.

Together with the office of the mayor we have participated in the tree planting exercises to save our environment which directly affects food & water supply which are key components in Nutrition & Food security.

With the mayor’s office we have been able to participate in a nutrition & Health advocacy program on radio Dunamis.

  • International Baby Food Action Network(IBFAN)

Have been able to have all organization staff trained in Infant & Young Child Feeding(IYCF) practices and awarded certificates. We have been able to facilitate the formation of Women support groups to support in training of Pregnant & breastfeeding mothers on best feeding practices of infants & young Children.

  • Habitat For Humanity (Shelter and Settlement Agency)

We have been able to organize and coordinate community dialogues censored on identifying priority needs and providing tailor made solutions. We have also empowered community members on how to make briquettes and liquid soap.

Established community owned initiatives .i.e. community cleanups, child protection support forums, and hygiene and sanitation management.

Supported inter community debates censored on how to improve housing and settlement/shelter in Mukono District.

  • Makerere University Walter Reed Project

Implemented programs in Kayunga in OVC programming, Care and Treatment, PMTCT, DREAM Like in the sub counties of Busaana, Kangulumira, Nazigo, Kayunga Town Council, Kayunga Sub County.