Infants & Children Feeding

Goshen’s IYCF refers to all the types of foods and care practices provided to children, from birth until the age of 2 years. These differ from the ones of other age groups, because the nutrition needs of infants and young children are different, while the texture of foods and the frequency of feeding have to be adapted to their capacity to chew and the size and maturity of their digestive system. Goshen’s emphasizes optimal nutrition and health care of both the mother and infant during these first 1,000 days (the window of opportunity) of an infant’s life are closely linked to growth, learning potential and neuro development, in turn affecting long-term outcomes.

Infant and Young Child Feeding demonstration at Mukono Health Center IV

• Timely initiation of breastfeeding (within the first hour of birth)

• Exclusive breastfeeding for infant below 6 months

• Continued breastfeeding at 1 year

• Timely introduction of soft, semi-solid, and solid foods

• Minimum dietary diversity

• Minimum meal frequency

• Minimum acceptable diet

• Consumption of iron-rich foods in children 6-23 months

Preparation of a nutritious meal for a child, it is recommended to steam the food rather than boiling to minimize nutrient loss.
  • IYCF counseling
  • Mothers counseled on Exclusive Breast Feeding.
  • Mothers counseled on complementary feeding
  • Mothers counseled on minimum meal frequency 
  • Mothers counseled on consumption of iron rich foods.
  • Food demonstrations 
  • Mothers attending food demonstrations  

Use food boxes for steaming the food.
When the food is ready, mash it to make it soft &ready for eating by the child.