In Kind

As a partner, you can make in kind gifts donation to facilitate operations of the organization. Caring for children requires a lot of resources ranging from scholastic materials to personal effects. We are also in need of construction materials for a facility to house Goshen’s Home of Glory in Lugazi Uganda which will be a facility to house our Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre and a kid’s home.

Gifts to be donated may be in form of the following;

  • Clothing for both Children and Adults
  • Foot ware including sports shoes, school going shoes, open shoes.
  • Sports items including Foot balls, Basket balls, net balls, basketball with all accessories.
  • Sports bikes, swimming costumes and all sports items.
  • Beddings for children & adults.
  • Children play toys.
  • Bibles
  • Medical & nutrition equipment.
  • Scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, colour pencils, art & craft items, board games, puzzles and playing cards.

Above: Vulnerable children in Lumuli- Mukono receiving gift donations from Goshen’s Visitors. Many children received gifts ranging from Clothing, play toys to sports items like balls.

Caregivers & OVC in Nabusugwe receiving donation items from Goshen’s  

Male OVC caregivers from Nabusugwe express their happiness after receiving cloth donations from Goshen’s

Above: The ED Evas Juliet with some of the vulnerable children in Lumuli -Mukono. Their father died of HIV and they are currently leaving a hard life. They can no longer attend school because theie unemployed cannot afford 15,000 shillings per child for welfare and uniform. Their mother is also infected.


Above: This boy is orphaned by HIV and is currently being taken care of by the grandmother who is 72 years old and also needs care. This boy has a Bladder and bowel incontinence(a problem holding in urine and stool) so he uses pampers 24/7 which is costly for the caregiver since she has to fend for them. Nevertheless the boy is full of joy and hope that one day he will be delivered.