Community Cook Days

Goshen’s Fountain of Nutrition and Health carries community cook days to improve people’s knowledge on preparation of nutritious meals for the vulnerable groups and enhance their knowledge on different food values.  This encompasses the Infant and Young Child Feeding

  • Train community on meal preparation and meal planning for people with special cases. People trained on meal preparation and meal planning.
  • Develop nutritious food mixes.
  • Individuals involved in the food demonstrations
  • Goshen’s Fountain of Nutrition and Health’s mission statement is ‘’Promoting Nutrition and Health through Community’’ and this is promoted by organizing the households into functional groups where each group under their own leadership will develop nutritious food mixes and their after prepare sample meals for the various vulnerable groups.
  • This also helps to test their knowledge of the different food groups and the composition of each group like Proteins, carbohydrates, Vitamins. In their groups, using the food type identification cards, they are allowed to arrange the food cards in groups. For example arranging the different foods in categories like (Carbohydrates comprises of; Maize four, Rice etc& Proteins comprises of; Beans, beef etc). This exercise helps households to easily remember each food group, examples and the nutritional benefits of each food type.

This exercise acts as a baseline to understand their knowledge about different food types and the food crops under each type. After the exercise, the Goshen’s Nutrition team gives remarks on each group performance and advises of the winning group which is recognized for good performance.